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AI-powered chatbots that redefine the future of engagement

Reshaping the world of chatbots with niche services, that act as a leverage for your business and enhance performances with customized AI bots.

Intuitive & Easily accessible

Readily available through your enterprises collaborations platform like MS Teams or Slack. You interact with the BOT just as you would with your colleagues. The very nature of interactions is conversational, which ensures there is very little or almost no learning curve. There is also a seamless transition between your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Robust analytics and BI capability

View accurately collated reports and analyze the progress of your projects and teams to come up with smarter working and business solutions, also making sure employees are in-line with the organization goals. All Gnie BOTs come with built-in insights components that provide you rich dashboards and KPIs. These dashboards will ensure that you are well supported in making key decisions and are never flying blind.

Self-contained applications

Another important feature of these conversational Gnie BOTs are, they are built as self contained applications. However the BOTs may be fully integrated to your ERP or any other business applications as well.

Bringing the convenience of "chat" to business applications with "Botomation" Consulting Services

Gnie Botomation, an Automation Consulting Service wherein, our team of experts, with their outstanding expertise and experience in enterprise business applications will overlook bot based automation consulting.

Our team will initially analyze and understand if the requirement includes tweaking and re-building the bot framework based on specifications for any sort of customer service or related. We will then come up with solutions to bot automation in a way that will benefit your project and your business revenue considerably. Our services would ideally include POC, Development, Deployment and regular support to make this process as convenient as can be.

Integrate with ease

Conversational chatbots that are seamlessly integrated to platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Hangouts, and are accessible from your mobile devices and desktops. With high data-security and impeccable scalability to any number of users, anywhere, TimeGnie enhances efficiency through their AI-powered chatbot.

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Your customized AI-enabled bot to cater to all your requirements

Why hire a customer service representative when you have a virtual assistant that can transform your workplace into a leading brand with our AI-powered bot interface?

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